DEI Consulting

DEI is crucial for an organization to achieve high levels of employee wellbeing, employee belonging, and profitability. Our experienced consultants will be able to work closely with your team whether you are embarking on your DEI journey or looking to take your current DEI strategy to the next level.

We recommend a 4 step process.

This data-driven and human-informed step allows us to have an understanding of your company’s DEIB challenges by diving into qualitative and quantitative insights.

Based on the DEIB Assessment of your company, we will work together to create a realistic, sustainable and meaningful roadmap to successfully transform the company and its culture.

Working with your internal team, we will come up with an implementation plan to translate the strategy to reality.

4 – MONITOR Post-implementation, we will work with you to monitor, evaluate and make adequate recommendations so that we are able to achieve long-term sustainable changes.


Increased employee engagement

Enhanced employee performance

Better company reputation

Better decision-making

Better customer and vendor relationships

Improved business outcomes

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    About Diverseek

    At Diverseek, we help our clients take the first step towards building a more diverse workforce. We use a combination of data-driven insights, expert-led evaluations, and assessments by our dedicated team to improve the hiring experiences and outcomes.