DEI Training

Any organization is only as good as its culture. Defining and cultivating that culture is not just an HR function. It is a shared responsibility between HR and all other departments. You have the opportunity to make your organization a supportive and engaging place to work.

Although most organizations are spending enormous amounts of money on DEI initiatives, they’re still failing to achieve successful outcomes when it comes to supporting diverse talent.

Diverseek can help bridge the gap by providing targeted, customized, relevant training to teams to enable significant, tangible measurable cultural changes within the organization.

Customized Training & Rollout

We know that no one understands the unique fabric of your organization better than you. We will work with your team to identify opportunities for improvements using a data-driven approach of reviewing your internal employee data and metrics. Based on our findings, we will come up with a Training Program and Schedule for your organization.

Our areas of expertise include

Enabling Diversity Allyship

Cultural Awareness & Belonging

Inclusive Sponsorship

Managing Inclusive Talent

Addressing Microaggressions

Unconscious and Implicit Bias

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    About Diverseek

    At Diverseek, we help our clients take the first step towards building a more diverse workforce. We use a combination of data-driven insights, expert-led evaluations, and assessments by our dedicated team to improve the hiring experiences and outcomes.