Building a more
Diverse Workforce

SimmieRay Niang-Dinkins

Global DEI Talent Officer

International Finance Corporation

DK Bartley

Global Chief DEI Officer

Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Bridget Hurd

Chief Diversity Officer

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Aisha Losche

Chief Diversity Officer


Dr. Charlyn Hilliman

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Capella University

Dr. Ketwana D. Schoos

Chief DEI Officer

Community College of Allegheny County

Anjali Patel

Chief DEI Officer

Georgetown Law

Aliah Berman

Chief Diversity Officer

TBWA Worldwide

Jaslyn Nguyen

DEI Officer

University of Colorado Denver

Jobi Martinez

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Harris Health System

Turquoise Peart

HR Business Partner

Centuri Group

Jorge Quezada

Chief Diversity Officer and VP of People & Culture

Granite Construction

Jessica Michaels

Neurodiversity Leadership Coach and Speaker

The Neurodiverse Workplace

La’Chara Holbrook

Founder & CEO

Elite Potential LLC

Netta Jenkins



Saqi Mehta

Head of Talent Acquisition & DEI


Dr. Roque (Rocky) Diaz

Senior Director of DEI

MacPhail Center for Music

Hector Martinez

Vice President of Supplier Diversity, Senior Procurement Relationship Manager

US Bank

Kimberly Wolf Price

Chief Strategy and Diversity Officer

Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC

Kasey Price

DEI Leader

Braskem America

Yiselle Santos Rivera

Global Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

HKS Inc.

Jeronda Hill

Chief Club Experience & D.E.I. Officer

Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin

Brittney Lee

DEI Officer

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture

America Baez

Head of DE&I Talent Acquisition Programs and Partnerships


Heather Hansen


Global Speech Academy

Chad Nico Hiu

SVP in Strategy, Equity, & Impact

YMCA of San Francisco

Evelyn Parker

Head of Diversity and Inclusion


Necko Fanning

North America Director of DEI&B

Havas Creative

Vivi Caleffi Prichard

Chief Diversity and Equity Officer

Chemeketa Community College

Priya Garg

Chief engagement and Diversity Officer

American Osteopathic Association

Janae Hubbard

Director at the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Fielding School of Public Health

Cornell Verdeja-Woodson

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Headspace Health

Robin Johnson

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Cottage Health

Dr. Michael Maclin

Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Special School District of St. Louis County

Guishard Revan

Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Expedia Group

Jyl Feliciano

Global Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging


Michael Nixon

Chief Diversity Officer

Andrews University

Cameron Poole

Chief DEI Officer

School District of Clayton

Bernita Dillard

Global Head of DEI Recruiting Enablement


Tiffany Yu



Kevin Antoine

Chief Diversity Officer

Bucks County Community College

Miguel Poblete

Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Manager

Procore Technologies

Jera Oliver

Director of Development at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Ohio State University

Melissa Berry

Director of Professional Development and Diversity

Lane Powell

Kamilah Mahon

Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager

Distill Ventures

Celso Afonseca

Supplier Diversity Business Partner

Staples Promotional Products

Lori Mackenzie

Lead Strategist for DEI

Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Abenaa Hayes

Founder & CEO

Elysee Consulting

John D. Patton

Vice President - Head of U.S. Diversity & Inclusion

TD Bank Group

Necko L. Fanning

Director of DEI

Havas New York

Camila Whyte

Global DEI Program Manager


Amie Ninh

Head of DEI

Clever Inc.

Jarrod Harden

DEI Program Manager for Cloud Marketing


Alysha Campbell



Alison Bodor

Executive Director of DEI

Options Clearing Corporation

Dionn Schaffner

Chief Diversity Officer

Aurea Software

Nick LaRoche

Global DEI Business Partner


Michele Heyward



Amira Barger

Executive Vice President


Nancy Geenen



Adam Boone

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Program Manager


Matthew Coons

Sr. Manager - Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging


Hillary Davis

Regional Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Ochner Health

Jainaba Seckan

Senior DEI Program Manager

Amazon Prime Video & Studios

Juan Taveras

Director of HR and DEI

Petsmart Charities

Nick Davis

Director - Diversity and Inclusion

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Lisa M. Ong PCC, CPA


Wishing Out Loud LLC

Anu Mandapati


IMPACT Leadership Partners

Richard Leong

DEI Strategist


Chris Warren

Director of DEI and Community Partnerships


Cordelia Seidel

Director of DEI & Employee Experience


Lindsey Novak

Director of Diversity and Inclusion


Thomas Harris

Associate Athletic Director of Diversity, Inclusion, & Employee Engagement

University of Arizona Athletics

Bernadette Smith


The Equality Institute

Dr. Jadon Waller

Director Of DEI

Oswego Community Unit School District 308

Monique Smith

Director of DEI

Chicago Public Schools

Amy Cole-Smith

Director of Diversity-Partnerships

The Institutes

Constance Wilson

Global Head of Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


Vijay Pendakur

Chief DEI Officer


Matatea Changuy

(DEI) Practitioner / Consulting Lead

Good Works

Ethriam Brammer

Assistant Dean / DEI Implementation Lead

University of Michigan, Rackham Graduate School

Matthew Soto

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Manager


Aaisha Hamid

DE&I Manager

Alliant Insurance Services

Kimberly Singletary

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Communications Manager

University of Chicago

AJ Conway

Diversity & Career Development Director

Kent State University

Justin Oliver

Lead Diversity Officer

UC Berkley

Priscilla Smith

DEI Facilitator


Alexandria Ray

Sr. Diversity Equity and Inclusion Manager

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Latest Episodes

Episode 88 : Moving Forward from an HR and Talent Acquisition Perspective

SimmieRay Niang-Dinkins

International Finance Corporation

Global DEI Talent Officer

SimmieRay is the Global DEI Talent Officer at the IFC (International Finance Corporation). He is passionate about creating opportunities for underrepresented communities. SimmieRay is a strategic corporate professional and consultant with over 13 years of experience in Human Resources across HR Management, HR Operations, Organizational Development, and Recruitment and Talent Acquisition. He is a self-starter, detail-oriented, an expert team builder, and a trusted management and leadership advisor who is motivated to engage, inspire, and empower confident, results-driven individuals. SimmieRay is a multifaceted professional with strong business acumen at all levels of operations and approaches his work with a global perspective. Others have described him as possessing standout qualities in his passion for people, being purpose-driven, and genuinely caring about the impact on people. SimmieRay has an encouraging and motivational leadership style that inspires individuals to reach their full potential.

Episode 87 : Reevaluating Strategy and Value Propositions following the Affirmative Action Ruling

DK Bartley

Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Global Chief DEI Officer

DK Bartley serves as the Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer at WPP and Hill and Knowlton Strategies. With a fervent dedication to talent acquisition, he stands as a seasoned Human Resources professional, specializing in diversity, talent acquisition, leadership, marketing, and global talent management. His strategic acumen is matched only by his passion for driving DEI initiatives, viewing them as integral to both corporate success and employee fulfillment. DK's coaching prowess has earned him widespread acclaim, lauded for his knack for identifying raw talent, inspiring teams, and nurturing the potential of each team member.

Episode 86 : The Optimal Level of Health and Addressing Health Disparities

Bridget Hurd

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Chief Diversity Officer

Bridget Hurd serves as the Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity and holds the role of Chief Diversity Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She is dedicated to facilitating connections between individuals and the resources necessary for them to thrive. Her commitment extends to fostering employee growth, fostering connections, and promoting understanding across cultures, communities, generations, work styles, and perspectives. With more than 27 years of experience, Bridget has demonstrated expertise in addressing inclusion, diversity, health equity, community relations, and corporate social responsibility.

Episode 85 : Accessibility – Embedding IDEA into Systems

Aisha Losche


Chief Diversity Officer

Aisha Losche, the Chief Diversity Officer at Draper and Co-Founder of Cardinal Coaches, is renowned for her commitment to fostering inclusion and innovating workplace environments. With a rich background of over 15 years in leadership, Aisha leads strategic diversity, equity, and access initiatives. Her efforts earned her the 2023 Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Inspire Award, highlighting her impactful work and passionate dedication. A voracious reader, Aisha's commitment to continuous learning is evidenced by her annual consumption of 40-50 books, underpinning her dynamic approach to professional and personal development.

Episode 84 : DEI as an Innovation Strategy

Dr. Charlyn Hilliman

Capella University

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Explore DEI as an Innovation Strategy with Dr. Charlyn, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Capella University. Leveraging her IT expertise and background in criminal justice, including service in the United States Air Force and holding two Master's Degrees and a PhD, Dr. Charlyn integrates innovation with inclusion. She focuses on creating strategies for engaging diverse learners, emphasizing trust, open communication, and tailored teaching methods to meet individual needs.

Episode 83 : Implications of the Affirmative Action Ruling

Dr. Ketwana D. Schoos

Community College of Allegheny County

Chief DEI Officer

Gain insight into the Affirmative Action Ruling with Dr. Ketwana, Chief Diversity Officer at the Community College of Allegheny County. With extensive experience in diversity and inclusion and expertise in civil rights and DEI planning, Dr. Ketwana offers a deep dive into the ruling's past, present, and future impacts on education and employment. Explore this landmark decision's broader implications through her knowledgeable lens.

Episode 82 : DEI and Freedom of Expression

Anjali Patel

Georgetown Law

Chief DEI Officer

An engaging discussion with Anjali Bindra Patel, JD, a successful practicing lawyer and currently Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Georgetown Law. When she is not in "professional hat" mode, she is a proud mom, native Clevelander, and a military spouse. She is also a celebrated TEDx Speaker and author of the book "Humanity at Work: Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing in an Increasingly Distributed Workforce." Anjali is impassioned about building inclusive environments that support multi-perspective teams, allowing for authentic innovation and growth. Anjali comes with over 20 years of DEI strategy experience, complemented with expertise in employment law, and inclusion leadership.

Episode 81 : Reassessing Introversion

Aliah Berman

TBWA Worldwide

Chief Diversity Officer

Aliah Berman locates the intrinsic value of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work deep in the heart with passion towards it from the very soul of being as a profound alignment. In her pivotal role, she spearheads the vision, strategy, and execution of TBWA's DEI efforts on a global scale. Aliah is currently serving on the TEMPO board, an organization to support women in leadership, and the Marquette University Institute for Women's Leadership advisory board. Aliah tells stories for children with her gift of the many character voices, which is the fun during story time. Although Aliah is one such lively character who influences, she takes pride in one fact: that she is an introvert. She lives through it uniquely and multitalented and this smashes all kinds of stereotypes attached to it.

Episode 80 : Internalized Racism to Interconnection

Jaslyn Nguyen

University of Colorado Denver

DEI Officer

Jaslyn Nguyen reflects on From Internalized Racism to Interconnection: Exploring an Asian American Experience. Through the heading "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at the University of Colorado Denver," there is an orientation in helping to ensure sustainability in the development of skills in relation to aspects of a strong sense of belongingness, and she offers networking and career development opportunities. Jaslyn stays engaged in the cultural activity area as President of the Vietnamese Student Association for her respective campus. Actually, it is inspired by the active engagement that her course Empowering Women in Business will require; indeed, some of the lessons from it are reflected in her on-campus activities. With three older brothers and parents who are all UC Denver alumni, Jaslyn will continue a rich family legacy as she embarks on becoming a University of Colorado alumna herself.

Episode 79 : Advancing DEI Post Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action

Jobi Martinez

Harris Health System

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Jobi Martinez, a DEI trailblazer with over two decades of experience, discusses post-Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action, emphasizing future inclusivity steps. As VP and Chief Diversity Officer for Harris Health System, Jobi advocates passionately for accessibility in health, wellness, work, and education. Hailing from Muleshoe, Texas, her warm style naturally sparks dialogues, complemented by her vibrant personality and love for salsa and Tejano dancing. Her nature is vivid and dynamic, which vividly complements her personality.

Episode 78 : Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Turquoise Peart

Centuri Group

HR Business Partner

Turquoise Peart, a dynamic motivational speaker, fosters inclusive cultures through impactful communication. Featured in USA Today's "Race in America" Special Edition, she brings bold ideas to DEI leadership roles. Recently appointed to Oak Park's Community Relations Commission, Turquoise drives equitable initiatives. With commendable emotional intelligence, she champions professionalism, compassion, and innovation. A bilingual MBA graduate at 19, she embodies leadership and diversity.

Episode 77 : Bringing Gravitas to the Realm of Belonging

Jorge Quezada

Granite Construction

Chief Diversity Officer and VP of People & Culture

In a compelling dialogue, Jorge Quezada, Chief Diversity Officer and VP of People & Culture at Granite Construction, emphasizes the importance of Belonging in the Workplace. With over 25 years in HR, diversity, and leadership, Jorge hosts the Construction DEI Talks podcast, offering actionable steps for inclusion in the industry. As a certified coach and consultant, he inspires leaders to translate insights into tangible actions, fostering belonging and challenging perspectives.

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