Episode 81

Guest: Aliah Berman (Chief Diversity Officer @ TBWA Worldwide)

Episode 80

Guest: Jaslyn Nguyen (DEI Officer @ University of Colorado Denverp)

Episode 79

Guest: Jobi Martinez (Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Harris Health System)

Episode 78

Guest: Turquoise Peart (HRBP @ Centuri Group)

Episode 77

Guest: Jorge Quezada (Chief Diversity Officer and VP of People & Culture @ Granite Construction)

Episode 76

Guest: Jessica Michaels (Neurodiversity Leadership Coach and Speaker)

Episode 75

Guest: La’Chara Holbrook (Founder & CEO @ Elite Potential LLC)

Episode 74

Guest: Netta Jenkins (CEO @ Aerodei)

Episode 73 – Aligning Talent Acquisition with DEI : A Review of Healthcare Disparities

Guest: Saqi Mehta (Head of Talent Acquisition + Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @ GoodRx)
Exploring Healthcare Disparities through a Thoughtful Conversation with Saqi Mehta. Saqi Mehta, the Head of Talent Acquisition and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Good Rx, is a distinguished business and academic leader boasting over two decades of experience in the startup arena and collaboration with Fortune 500 companies. With an unwavering commitment to the future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and a special focus on health equity, Saqi serves as an empathetic coach fostering a deeper appreciation for intersectionality. She is a renowned speaker and advisor to startups in the realms of HR policy, recruitment, and DEI strategies. Saqi is widely respected for her innate talent for bringing people together, characterized by her exceptional intelligence and remarkable ability to think creatively beyond conventional boundaries.

Guest: Saqi Mehta (Head of Talent Acquisition + Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @ GoodRx)

Episode 72

Guest: Dr. Roque (Rocky) Diaz (Senior Director of DEI @ MacPhail Center for Music)

Episode 71

Guest: Hector Martinez (Vice President of Supplier Diversity, Senior Procurement Relationship Manager @ US Bank)

Episode 70

Guest: Kimberly Wolf Price (Chief Strategy and Diversity Officer @ Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC)

Episode 69

Guest: Kasey Price (DEI Leader @ Braskem America)

Episode 68

Guest: Yiselle Santos Rivera (Architect and Global Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion @ HKS Inc.)

Episode 67

Guest: Jeronda Hill (Chief Club Experience & D.E.I. Officer @ Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin)

Episode 66

Guest: Brittney Lee (DEI Officer @ Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture)

Episode 65

Guest: America Baez (Head of DE&I Talent Acquisition Programs and Partnerships @ Verizon)

Episode 64

Guest: Heather Hansen (Founder @ Global Speech Academy)

Episode 63

Guest: Chad Nico Hiu (SVP in Strategy, Equity, & Impact @ YMCA of San Francisco)

Episode 62

Guest: Evelyn Parker (Head of Diversity and Inclusion @ K12)

Episode 61

Guest: Necko Fanning (North America Director of DEI&B @ Havas Creative)

Episode 60

Guest: Vivi Caleffi Prichard (Chief Diversity and Equity Officer @ Chemeketa Community College)

Episode 59

Guest: Priya Garg (Chief Engagement and Diversity Officer @ American Osteopathic Association)

Episode 58

Guest: Janae Hubbard (Director at the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion @ The Fielding School of Public Health)

Episode 57

Guest: Cornell Verdeja-Woodson (Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging @ Headspace Health)

Episode 56

Guest: Robin Johnson (Director of Diversity and Inclusion @ Cottage Health)

Episode 55

Guest: Dr. Michael Maclin (Executive Director of DEIA @ the Special School District of St. Louis County)

Episode 54

Guest: Guishard Revan (Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager @ Expedia Group)

Episode 53

Guest: Jyl Feliciano (Global Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging @ Highspot)

Episode 52

Guest: Michael Nixon (Chief Diversity Officer @ Andrews University)

Episode 51

Guest: Cameron Poole (Chief DEI Officer @ School District of Clayton)

Episode 50

Guest: Bernita Dillard (Global Head of DEI Recruiting Enablement @ DoorDash)

Episode 49

Guest: Tiffany Yu (CEO @ Diversability)

Episode 48

Guest: Kevin Antoine (Chief Diversity Officer @ Bucks County Community College)

Episode 47

Guest: Miguel Poblete (Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Manager @ Procore Technologies)

Episode 46

Guest: Jera Oliver (Director of Development at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion @ Ohio State University)

Episode 45

Guest: Melissa Berry (Director of Professional Development and Diversity @ Lane Powell)

Episode 44

Guest: Kamilah Mahon (Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager @ Distill Ventures)

Episode 43

Guest: Celso Afonseca (Supplier Diversity Business Partner @ Staples Promotional Products)

Episode 42

Guest: Lori Mackenzie (Lead Strategist for DEI @ Stanford University Graduate School of Business)

Episode 41

Guest: Authentic Inclusion Beyond Communications and PR – Abenaa Hayes (Founder & CEO @ Elysee Consulting)

Episode 40

Guest: Comprehensive Equitable Talent Programs – John D. Patton (Vice President – Head of U.S. Diversity & Inclusion at TD Bank Group)

Episode 39

Guest: Authentic Representation – DEI for the People and the Product – Necko L. Fanning (Director of DEI at Havas New York)

Episode 38

Guest: ERGs and BRGs – Organization and Impact – Camila Whyte (Global DEI Program Manager at Nielsen)

Episode 37

Guest: Lines of Ethics and Grappling with what Success Means – Amie Ninh (Head of DEI at Clever Inc.)

Episode 36

Guest: Jarrod Harden (DEI Program Manager for Cloud Marketing at Google)

Episode 35

Guest: Alysha Campbell (CEO @ CultureShift)

Episode 34

Guest: Alison Bodor (Executive Director of DEI @ Options Clearing Corporation)

Episode 33

Guest: Dionn Schaffner (Chief Diversity Officer @ Aurea Software)

Episode 32

Guest: Nick LaRoche (Global DEI Business Partner @ Klaviyo)

Episode 31

Guest: Michele Heyward (Founder @ PositiveHire)

Episode 30

Guest: Amira Barger (Executive Vice President at Edleman)

Episode 29

Guest: Nancy Geenen (CEO at Flexability)

Episode 28

Guest: Adam Boone (Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Program Manager at PagerDuty)

Episode 27

Data Utilization in DEI
Guest: Matthew Coons (Senior Manager, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Xero)

Episode 26

Partnering with HBCUs
Guest: Hillary Davis (Regional Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Ochner Health)

Episode 25

Leading Through Crisis
Guest: Jainaba Seckan (Senior DEI Program Manager at Amazon Prime Video & Studios)

Episode 24

Spending Time in the Grey: A Unique Perspective on Belonging
Guest: Juan Taveras (Director of HR and DEI at Petsmart Charities)

Episode 23

Reflecting on Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Ed.
Guest: Nick Davis (Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

Episode 22

A closer look at the DEIB Practitioner Experience
Guest: Lisa M. Ong PCC, CPA (President & Founder of Wishing Out Loud LLC)

Episode 21

Inclusive Leadership & Self Care
Guest: Anu Mandapati (CEO @ IMPACT Leadership Partners)

Episode 20

Reviewing the Asian American Identity
Guest: Richard Leong – DEI Consultant & Leadership/Career Coach for Asian Americans

Episode 19

The Philosophical and Systems based approach to DEI
Guest: Chris Warren – Director of DEI and Community Partnerships at Jabil

Episode 18

DEI and the Employee Life Cycle
Guest: Cordelia Seidel – Director of DEI & Employee Experience at Medix

Episode 17

Being Proactive and Customizing DEI Programming
Guest: Lindsey Novak – Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Videojet

Episode 16

DEI & Engagement in Collegiate Athletics
Thomas Harris – Associate Athletic Director of D&I at the University of Arizona Athletics

Episode 15

Addressing Micro-aggressions with the ARC Method from Inclusive 360
Bernadette Smith – CEO @ The Equality Institute

Episode 14

A Roadmap for DEI Investments and Human Flourishing
Vijay Pendakur – Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer @ Zynga

Episode 13

Success for Underserved Students in Higher Ed
Ethriam Brammer – Assistant Dean, DEI Implementation Lead @ University of Michigan, Rackham Graduate School

Episode 12

How Leadership can Approach the Burnout Cycle
Matatea Changuy – DEI Consultant @ Good Works

Episode 11

Myth vs Truths – Strategic Planning for being Authentic and Inclusive at the workplace
Constance Wilson – Global Head of Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion @ Udemy

Episode 10

Shifting Perspectives on Accountability and HSBCU
Amy Cole-Smith – Director of Diversity-Partnerships @ The Institutes

Episode 9

Cultivating Culturally Responsive Teaching
Dr. Jadon Waller – Director of DEI and Family Engagement @ Oswego Community Unit School District 308

Episode 8

Equity and Access in Education
Monique Smith – Director of DEI at Chicago Public Schools

Episode 7

Intersectionality, Feedback, and Leadership
Matthew Soto – Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Manager at BuzzFeed

Episode 6

Systemic DEI and Change Management
Guest: Aaisha Hamid – AVP and DE&I Manager at Alliant Insurance Services

Episode 5

Rhetoric and Perceptions of Blackness
Guest: Kimberly Singletary – DEI Manager at University of Chicago

Episode 4

Strategic Planning towards Belonging
Guest: AJ Conway – Diversity & Career Development Director @ Kent State University

Episode 3

Approaching Change with Peace
Guest: Justin Oliver – Lead Diversity Officer @ UC Berkley

Episode 2

Solution-oriented Inclusion in the Educational Sector
Guest: Priscilla Smith – DEI Facilitator @ KIPP NYC

Episode 1

Actions for Inclusive Leadership & Culture
Guest: Alexandria Ray – DEI Manager @ Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP



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