Episode 71

Guest: Hector Martinez (Vice President of Supplier Diversity, Senior Procurement Relationship Manager @ US Bank)

Episode 70

Guest: Kimberly Wolf Price (Chief Strategy and Diversity Officer @ Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC)

Episode 69

Guest: Kasey Price (DEI Leader @ Braskem America)

Episode 68

Guest:Yiselle Santos Rivera (Architect and Global Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion @ HKS Inc.)

Episode 67

Guest: Jeronda Hill (Chief Club Experience & D.E.I. Officer @ Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin)

Episode 66

Guest: Brittney Lee (DEI Officer @ Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture)

Episode 65

Guest: America Baez (Head of DE&I Talent Acquisition Programs and Partnerships @ Verizon)

Episode 64

Guest: Heather Hansen (Founder @ Global Speech Academy)

Episode 63

Guest: Chad Nico Hiu (SVP in Strategy, Equity, & Impact @ YMCA of San Francisco)

Episode 62

Guest: Evelyn Parker (Head of Diversity and Inclusion @ K12)

Episode 61

Guest: Necko Fanning (North America Director of DEI&B @ Havas Creative)

Episode 60

Guest: Vivi Caleffi Prichard (Chief Diversity and Equity Officer @ Chemeketa Community College)

Episode 59

Guest: Priya Garg (Chief Engagement and Diversity Officer @ American Osteopathic Association)

Episode 58

Guest: Janae Hubbard (Director at the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion @ The Fielding School of Public Health)

Episode 57

Guest: Cornell Verdeja-Woodson (Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging @ Headspace Health)

Episode 56

Guest: Robin Johnson (Director of Diversity and Inclusion @ Cottage Health)

Episode 55

Guest: Dr. Michael Maclin (Executive Director of DEIA @ the Special School District of St. Louis County)

Episode 54

Guest: Guishard Revan (Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager @ Expedia Group)

Episode 53

Guest: Jyl Feliciano (Global Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging @ Highspot)

Episode 52

Guest: Michael Nixon (Chief Diversity Officer @ Andrews University)

Episode 51

Guest: Cameron Poole (Chief DEI Officer @ School District of Clayton)

Episode 50

Guest: Bernita Dillard (Global Head of DEI Recruiting Enablement @ DoorDash)

Episode 49

Guest: Tiffany Yu (CEO @ Diversability)

Episode 48

Guest: Kevin Antoine (Chief Diversity Officer @ Bucks County Community College)

Episode 47

Guest: Miguel Poblete (Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Manager @ Procore Technologies)

Episode 46

Guest: Jera Oliver (Director of Development at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion @ Ohio State University)

Episode 45

Guest: Melissa Berry (Director of Professional Development and Diversity @ Lane Powell)

Episode 44

Guest: Kamilah Mahon (Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager @ Distill Ventures)

Episode 43

Guest: Celso Afonseca (Supplier Diversity Business Partner @ Staples Promotional Products)

Episode 42

Guest: Lori Mackenzie (Lead Strategist for DEI @ Stanford University Graduate School of Business)

Episode 41

Guest: Authentic Inclusion Beyond Communications and PR – Abenaa Hayes (Founder & CEO @ Elysee Consulting)

Episode 40

Guest: Comprehensive Equitable Talent Programs – John D. Patton (Vice President – Head of U.S. Diversity & Inclusion at TD Bank Group)

Episode 39

Guest: Authentic Representation – DEI for the People and the Product – Necko L. Fanning (Director of DEI at Havas New York)

Episode 38

Guest: ERGs and BRGs – Organization and Impact – Camila Whyte (Global DEI Program Manager at Nielsen)

Episode 37

Guest: Lines of Ethics and Grappling with what Success Means – Amie Ninh (Head of DEI at Clever Inc.)

Episode 36

Guest: Jarrod Harden (DEI Program Manager for Cloud Marketing at Google)

Episode 35

Guest: Alysha Campbell (CEO @ CultureShift)

Episode 34

Guest: Alison Bodor (Executive Director of DEI @ Options Clearing Corporation)

Episode 33

Guest: Dionn Schaffner (Chief Diversity Officer @ Aurea Software)

Episode 32

Guest: Nick LaRoche (Global DEI Business Partner @ Klaviyo)

Episode 31

Guest: Michele Heyward (Founder @ PositiveHire)

Episode 30

Guest: Amira Barger (Executive Vice President at Edleman)

Episode 29

Guest: Nancy Geenen (CEO at Flexability)

Episode 28

Guest: Adam Boone (Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Program Manager at PagerDuty)

Episode 27

Data Utilization in DEI
Guest: Matthew Coons (Senior Manager, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Xero)

Episode 26

Partnering with HBCUs
Guest: Hillary Davis (Regional Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Ochner Health)

Episode 25

Leading Through Crisis
Guest: Jainaba Seckan (Senior DEI Program Manager at Amazon Prime Video & Studios)

Episode 24

Spending Time in the Grey: A Unique Perspective on Belonging
Guest: Juan Taveras (Director of HR and DEI at Petsmart Charities)

Episode 23

Reflecting on Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Ed.
Guest: Nick Davis (Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

Episode 22

A closer look at the DEIB Practitioner Experience
Guest: Lisa M. Ong PCC, CPA (President & Founder of Wishing Out Loud LLC)

Episode 21

Inclusive Leadership & Self Care
Guest: Anu Mandapati (CEO @ IMPACT Leadership Partners)

Episode 20

Reviewing the Asian American Identity
Guest: Richard Leong – DEI Consultant & Leadership/Career Coach for Asian Americans

Episode 19

The Philosophical and Systems based approach to DEI
Guest: Chris Warren – Director of DEI and Community Partnerships at Jabil

Episode 18

DEI and the Employee Life Cycle
Guest: Cordelia Seidel – Director of DEI & Employee Experience at Medix

Episode 17

Being Proactive and Customizing DEI Programming
Guest: Lindsey Novak – Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Videojet

Episode 16

DEI & Engagement in Collegiate Athletics
Thomas Harris – Associate Athletic Director of D&I at the University of Arizona Athletics

Episode 15

Addressing Micro-aggressions with the ARC Method from Inclusive 360
Bernadette Smith – CEO @ The Equality Institute

Episode 14

A Roadmap for DEI Investments and Human Flourishing
Vijay Pendakur – Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer @ Zynga

Episode 13

Success for Underserved Students in Higher Ed
Ethriam Brammer – Assistant Dean, DEI Implementation Lead @ University of Michigan, Rackham Graduate School

Episode 12

How Leadership can Approach the Burnout Cycle
Matatea Changuy – DEI Consultant @ Good Works

Episode 11

Myth vs Truths – Strategic Planning for being Authentic and Inclusive at the workplace
Constance Wilson – Global Head of Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion @ Udemy

Episode 10

Shifting Perspectives on Accountability and HSBCU
Amy Cole-Smith – Director of Diversity-Partnerships @ The Institutes

Episode 9

Cultivating Culturally Responsive Teaching
Dr. Jadon Waller – Director of DEI and Family Engagement @ Oswego Community Unit School District 308

Episode 8

Equity and Access in Education
Monique Smith – Director of DEI at Chicago Public Schools

Episode 7

Intersectionality, Feedback, and Leadership
Matthew Soto – Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Manager at BuzzFeed

Episode 6

Systemic DEI and Change Management
Guest: Aaisha Hamid – AVP and DE&I Manager at Alliant Insurance Services

Episode 5

Rhetoric and Perceptions of Blackness
Guest: Kimberly Singletary – DEI Manager at University of Chicago

Episode 4

Strategic Planning towards Belonging
Guest: AJ Conway – Diversity & Career Development Director @ Kent State University

Episode 3

Approaching Change with Peace
Guest: Justin Oliver – Lead Diversity Officer @ UC Berkley

Episode 2

Solution-oriented Inclusion in the Educational Sector
Guest: Priscilla Smith – DEI Facilitator @ KIPP NYC

Episode 1

Actions for Inclusive Leadership & Culture
Guest: Alexandria Ray – DEI Manager @ Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP



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