SimmieRay Niang-Dinkins

International Finance Corporation

Global DEI Talent Officer

SimmieRay is the Global DEI Talent Officer at the IFC (International Finance Corporation). He is passionate about creating opportunities for underrepresented communities. SimmieRay is a strategic corporate professional and consultant with over 13 years of experience in Human Resources across HR Management, HR Operations, Organizational Development, and Recruitment and Talent Acquisition. He is a self-starter, detail-oriented, an expert team builder, and a trusted management and leadership advisor who is motivated to engage, inspire, and empower confident, results-driven individuals. SimmieRay is a multifaceted professional with strong business acumen at all levels of operations and approaches his work with a global perspective. Others have described him as possessing standout qualities in his passion for people, being purpose-driven, and genuinely caring about the impact on people. SimmieRay has an encouraging and motivational leadership style that inspires individuals to reach their full potential.
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